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Reservations management

Track and get bookings for your B&B directly on the portal 2btourist.com.

Rooms management

Describe your B&B rooms specifying images and services.

Availability calendar

Use the availability calendar to easily know which days of the month are free your B&B rooms.

Bid management

Publish your bids that will be visible on the home page of the portal 2btourist.com.

Rates management

Specifies the minimum and maximum rates for each room.

StockImage management

Post pictures of your B&B to give wide visibility to your business.

Events management

Attract new customers to your business reporting events in the surrounding area of your B&B.

Report points of interest

Attract new customers to your B&B indicating the points of interest sorrounding it (e.g. monuments, restaurants, sports centers).
Vacanze Lecce
Lecce è un comune del Salento, situato nella re...